Thursday, March 14, 2013

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D wears: Terry hoodie by Cotton on Kids // Tee by Mini & Maximus // Pants by Bobo Choses // Shoes from 10IS Classic Tennis // Beanie by Zoo York.

The heatwave has finally let go of us for a few days. Instead some cooler weather and winds have rolled in and it was actually nice to put on a pair of pants (and apparently a beanie thought D). It is amazing how quickly you forget how hot it was just a day or so ago. It makes you realize that Autumn is indeed standing waiting backstage ready to take over in just a month or so. My little man and myself had some time to just chill out on today so we decided to go and explore the dog beach not too far away from us. It is filled with lovely, soft sand dunes and there are plenty of nice places to play on. D was lucky and found a little medieval Lego man helmet in the sand and got so happy. It was put in his pocket and ready to go into his newly started Lego collection at home.

We brought lunch with us and it was extra nice to be able to sit outside without roasting or having flies trying to sit on you constantly. There is nothing like lunch outside so the chicken sandwiches and juice and coffee for mum tasted marvelous. Above is some details from our day together.

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