Friday, March 1, 2013

Moments | Simon Says

D wears : Button up hoodie by Gray Label // Tee c/o Mói // Pants c/o KaLLio // Shoes by Converse // Beanie by Vans.

After a day of fever and general feeling unwell this little guy woke up with a cool forehead and a LOT to say. It is amazing how well little kids seem to kick a sickness. The difference was enormous. Yesterday he ordered me to take him home, and that was even standing in a TOY store. Then you know for sure the kid is not feeling well. But a day of couch surfing seem to have done the trick because today he has been doing nothing but handing out orders on what he wants to do (which is fine by me).

It has taken awhile but finally D is loving his balance bike. It isn't really that he hasn't liked it really it was more it was too big and he felt scared on it. Today he insisted it had to come with us, no matter where we went so it did. He did great on it. I thought for sure I would be carrying it after 5 minutes but nope... (it took at least 50 minutes...haha). Today I can see the end of a pram era actually. Wow independent kids...loving it!

We also had the chance to try out the new pants by KaLLio today. I am loving this idea of recycling quality shirts into children's wear. Check out our feature on their label if you missed it a while back, it is such a wonderful way of re using lovely fabrics.

Have a wonderful weekend out there!

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