Monday, March 11, 2013

Moments | Playtime

M wears : Tee c/o LOUD Apparel / Shorts by Bobo Choses / Shoes by 10IS Classic Tennis. D wears: Tee c/o Loud Apparel / Shorts by Gumboots / Cap by CTH Mini / Shoes by Converse.

More soaring temperatures in Melbourne, and more chance to be out and about getting your playtime in. We opted for a lovely nature playground in the late afternoon on Saturday where we could let the kids run loose and get some playing in. The big people found some nice shade and had time to just enjoy a cup of coffee and have a moment to just look the kids and trying to figure out what they were playing. It is amazing just how much imagination that a child has. They were everything from rally car drivers, to two squirrels stuck in quick sand, to jumping frogs, to monsters... and the role play continued from there...

M had the chance to try out her new 10IS sneakers which she loved. She was so enamored with them that she insisted on taking them off when she went in the sand because she didn't wanted them to even get dirty (now that's the first!!). They also got to wear their matching LOUD Apparel tees which are so cool, one says: What looks like half a monster? and the other says: The other half!. So perfect for these two siblings :) Big thanks to LOUD apparel for sending them to us!

After all that play we packed up and headed to some good friends for a BBQ evening. They are Americans so they served up a mean menu of grilled corn on the cob, spareribs, salads and desserts... Needless to say we all stumbled straight into bed after that fun filled day. Phu! Summer is good!

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