Saturday, March 16, 2013

Moments | Autumn Rain

M wears: Hoodie vest by Minti // Longsleeve by Goatmilk // Shorts by Popupshop // Shoes by 10IS Classic TennisD wears: Hoodie vest by Ada Ada // Tee by Munster Kids // Pants by Mini & Maximus // Shoes by Feiyue Shoes.

With the cool change came the rain. Big, heavy drops and grey clouds rolled in and replaced the blue sky today. We tried to get out for a play but the rain won, and instead we decided to go and try and find a good family game for the PS3. Both myself and my husband has about 10 years of experience working in the game industry so naturally we love play some games (although since we had kids I have to admit it doesn't happen as often anymore). Even though having two parents that are game fans our kids have never been much interested in games, and that has been fine with us. There really is no need to hurry kids into games because sooner or later they will give it a go at a friends house and then they will probably be hooked, and with that comes the rules and how much they will be allowed to play and so on. Lately the games they have loved to try is the family games we all do together, so with all the rain today we decided to get Sonic All Star Racing. Full of cool familiar game characters from lots of games and lots of imaginative race tracks. Needless to say, a fun game on the TV, a bowl of freshly popped popcorn and some big pillows on the floor is all you need to make the rain outside seem OK. 

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