Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moments : River Towns

M wear: Tee by Lipfish // Skirt by Molo // Shoes by Vivobarefoot. D wears: Tee by Maiike // pants by theBRAND // Shoes by Converse // Cap by Billabong.

Some photos of today's trip to sleepy river town Warrandyte. Nestled arm in arm by the Yarra River which runs straight through the town it was a perfect get away spot for another hot day. We have been here before and we like the calm atmosphere that lives in this area. They have a great wooden playground the kids love and right next to it is a lovely bakery which sells everything a hungry family could desire. It was a nice drive up and lots of things to see though the windows for the kids. A rolling landscape filled with animals grassing the rather dry hills. No fire warnings in this area but it certainly doesn't take long to see how the landscape changes from a couple of weeks of hot weather.

We enjoyed our day in Warrandyte. The locals all hanged out by the river banks, where kids and adults cooled down. It was so nice to take the shoes off and cool the feet down in the river. Some adventurous teens did some high jumps on the other side of the river which of course M & D was mighty impressed with. We were more than satisfied to just do some leg bathing and rock throwing. It was such a nice change from the coast trips we have been doing. Love the versatility of this country, there is always something new to see.

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