Monday, January 14, 2013

Moments | Girl Time

M wears: Tee by Mini & Maximus // Shorts by Popupshop // Stockings by Popupshop // Shoes by Feiyue // Backpack by Bobo Choses // Scarf by Grandma/Mormor :)

So the holiday finally ended, well for the boys of the family that is. There is still school holiday for the girl in the family so we get spend some precious girl time before the daily routines are totally back. There is a different pace now, there is more chatting, more focus on cute stuff, more calm and time to discuss things to when there is really nothing more to say in the matter. Like what happens when a bee stings you? (we saw some bees while we were out) and so it was fine unless you are allergic to it, but what if a wasp AND bee stung the same time! Oh, so yeah basically just more pain and still ok unless you were allergic to it..hmmm but what if... (and so it goes on, when you got time to talk about everything ;) ) Love how kids brains work!

We hit some spots we wanted to go to without the boys, and signed us up for some art n craft lessons at a local cafe to do together next week. Took a detour and visited a party shop with cool masks and neat little things you can get for a dollar you found under the couch (such a little treasure hunter this girl).  So even though there is a sadness that two of the holiday crew is now missing there was something sweet about having some extra time to just hang out with my girl and do girl things. It is going to be two sweet weeks!!


  1. Love her outfit! Does those come in my size? ;)

    And yes, it's fun to spend some time with just one kid (although we mostly have only one since my step-son lives with his mom). Sometimes me and the kid go somewhere with just the two of us and those trips are more special than the ones where daddy is with us too. :)

    1. Sari - I KNOW! I feel the same way... Yes it is nice to spend some one and one time together every now and then, and it sure helps the sad feeling of the family vacation being over :) Have a nice evening!


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