Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moments | Cooling Off

We are blessed with proper holiday weather. The sunny days continue and yesterday it reached a top of 45C! Now there is actually where the heat stops being fun and becomes hard instead. Luckily for us we manged to stay cool and avoid getting too hot. I have learned my lesson to actually take it easy on those days and listen to the experienced Aussies who knows how to get through those days. 

Today it was back to a more normal 28C and it was easier to enjoy the outdoors. We also manged to squeeze in a bit of a cinema visit just me and the hubby. Finally got to see The Hobbit which was a lovely piece of cinema adventure for both of us. These are the days were you wish holiday would just never end, and the lazy days can just continue forever. We still got some nice plans ahead of us, but I will be back to normal blogging routines in a week or two. For now here are some photos of the kids enjoying cooling off on the beach.

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