Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Close Up: Brian Gaberman

I am in love with the work of Brian Gaberman right now.. stumbled upon his work in a copy of Monster Children magazine the other day and loved exploring this talented photographers work.

Brian Gaberman will never grow up. An international photographer based in Northern California, Brian has spent the last 14 years traveling the world with camera, producing countless editorial pieces and ad campaigns. The youngest photographer to ever be featured in B&W Magazine, Brian took a detour from his art and dove head first into skateboard photography. By merging his background in fine art photography with his skateboarding work, he revolutionized the look of skateboard magazines forever. He continues to explore his medium and brand the companies he works for with his unique aesthetic, style, and easy going nature. His personal projects still find their way into galleries from time to time.

-Noelle Gaberman

For a closer look at Gaberman's work and especially how he achieved the amazing civil war era look to his photographs, check out the video below... Amazing stuff!!
Through The Eyes of Brian Gaberman

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