Sunday, January 20, 2013

Moments | Biggest sandpit of them all

D wears: Tee by Threadless // Shorts by Munster Kids // Shoes by Crocs // Cap by Billabong. M wears: Dress by H.J.O.R.T.H // Cap by Seed.

Some quick snaps of today's outing. Such a nice Sunday with 25C and even though we said we wouldn't go to the beach today we ended up there after a playground trip. We couldn't find a playground with a sandpit, and we figured why not go to the biggest one for a while?? Took 5 min until both kids were soaked...but happy! Hope you have had a lovely weekend out there... enjoying a beach or if you are in Europe..the snow!!


  1. I get so jealous when I see your pics, I want to go somewhere warm right NOW! ;)

    1. Sari - Oh I know how you feel... I am so happy we have summer right now, I can still remember the windy cold rainy days here, with little heating inside and its NO fun. So that is way I enjoy these days SO MUCH! Hopefully Spring come soon over there!!


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