Monday, January 28, 2013

Moments | Australian Garden

D wears: Tee by Bobo Choses // Leggings by Nico Nico // Shoes by Converse // Cap by Munster Kids. M wears: Top by Soft Gallery // Pants by Minti // Shoes by Hummel // Cap by Seed.

Some (OK yes its almost photo bombing warning here) photos of our trip up to the Australia Garden in Cranbourne. We have been here once before a while back but we thought yesterday was a good day to go for a little hike in the rather lovely surroundings that belongs to the Royal Botanical Garden service. It was suppose to be a rather cool day but that of course all changed in proper Melbourne fashion and all of a sudden it was rather hot in the ye old sun. We cut down our plan of a long hike to a rather more pleasant stroll to their picnic area and playground. The colours of the vegetation was lovely. Lots of golden warm tones and the rich red soil was always extraordinary to see. 

They have a giant sandpit in the middle of the picnic area and the kids loved the break from the walking and all of a sudden all those tired legs must have gotten new energy because climbing they had no trouble with!! M conqured her fear of the big climbing pyramid and went to the top with a smile on her face (always nice to see your kids do something that you know takes a bit of extra determination and then succeeding).

After the stroll back to the cafe we all agreed on the only way to actually get the kids to walk on their own (read shoulder rides were given) was to lure with an icy pole.... and that made perfect end to our outing for the day! Hope your weekends out there was nice too...

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