Friday, January 18, 2013


One of the great things about a new year and a new season is having a look at all the new collections for the different labels out there. We always get a bit extra excited when Danish Molo Kids comes out. We love their different take on children's clothes and if you are lacking a bit of colour in the kids wardrobe you can always count that Molo will provide it! This SS13 collection should come with a pair of sunglasses because it is as bright as can be! Above is a few of the clothes for both boys and girls hitting the stores very soon. We already have down a few favorites that will be hard to stay away from, and that is one of the reasons why I like this label, both my kids like the styles, and there is always something for each one in the collections.

My boy loves his original Molo tees and long sleeves with cars, balls and anything action related and we always find a pair of great pants for him in their ranges (have to get him those denim sweatpants above!) and my girl always seem to have a very hard time to choose something because most of time I get the answer, can't we get all of them? She has lived in her star ballon skirt this summer and even though it has done a mad dash through the wash about a million of times, it still looks great!

New for this season is an art collab Molo have done called the 'Molo art' project with several talented artists. Seven hand-picked illustrators and graphic artists have signed the neck of the T-shirts for which they have created a print. The ‘molo art’ team and its prints range from Stina Persson’s funky zebra to Sarah Beetson’s wonderful rollerskating legs in sparkly colours. Stina Persson is one of Sweden’s most talented fashion illustrators, and Sarah Beetson, who is British born but based in Australia, can brag about having exhibited her illustrations all over the world and has made store decorations for one of Stella McCartney’s boutiques. The team also includes the Danish graffiti artist who goes by the name of ‘Toys,’ and who is a part of the first wave of graffiti artists in Denmark. ‘Toys’ has interpreted molo’s iconic star.

It’s a good idea, then, to keep an eye on the necks of the selected ‘molo art’ T-shirts for spring and summer 2013, so your child can see who drew on their T-shirt. The unique crew of ‘molo art’ artist for the spring-summer collection 2013: Sarah Beetson, Stina Persson, Toys, Lena Nicolajsen, Dorthe Svarrer, Isabella Solliv and Rack&Nais

To see the more of the collection you can check out the following links:

MOLO Catalouge SS13

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