Sunday, September 2, 2012

Udder | Make Believe SS12/13

I am in love with Udder's new clothes line for kids, SS 12/13 collection entitled Make Believe. The light materials seem perfect for summery days, and I already have several favorites! The Sunshine dress is divine and playful at the same time. The cross singlet for boys is so nice with it's thin lines and cool yellow cross detail. I can't walk pass the lovely skirts, Triangle Skirt and 2 Pocket skirt, both have a lovely cut and wonderful details. I can tell I will have to start saving up for this one, because the list can go on forever. There is also an accessories page that is packed with goodies (how cool is that bandit bat doll??)

Udder is also serving up FREE shipping Australia wide!! Go go go...


  1. Annica, you are so sweet!
    Thank you.
    p.s that Bat doll has become one of my new favorites...its super soft too!

    1. Hi Fliss,
      so impressed with your first collection, great work!! I hope you get to see a lot of little people running around in your creations soon...

    2. Really means a lot coming from you who has such great taste and style ( i know i said this on FB but would like to repeat here because all you have to do is take a look at your gorgeous blog). When the weather warms up i hope to see some little ones in this new collection....that would be wonderful. X


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