Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Moments | Let there be Sunshine!

M wears: Grandpa top by BIG by Fiona // Cardigan by Seed // Sleeveless hoodie by Ada Ada // Skirt by Ada Ada // Leggings by Molo.

Some photos from today. Quick stop at the beach for a little skipping stone lesson. Lunch stop over with fish and chips in the sunshine... Ah times like this you are happy to be living right here. Don't be fooled though, the winter has been long, not extremely cold obviously but quite wet and windy which somehow makes it feel colder than an Scandinavian winter at times.

If you then add that houses here have almost no insulation and big gaps under doors etc, it makes for some pretty miserable conditions. Both kids have had lots of bugs and passed them over to two very tired parents. So when a day like today arrives, it is like a gift from above. We are hoping for more of the same and I know I will be knocked out early tonight. Nothing like fresh air to put you to sleep, goes for both parents and kids I hope.


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    1. Tack Ulrika! Vad otroligt fina glas flaskor/vaser du har fått tag på!! :)
      Ja nu äntligen verkar våren vara på G här nere!


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