Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moments | Father's Day

M wears: Top by Mini & Maximus // Pants by Shampoodle // Beanie by The Brand. D wears: Sweatshirt by Country Road // Pants by Popupshop // Tee by Danefæ // Shoes by Converse.

We enjoyed a day outdoors today. Finally some sunny weather but quite windy down by the bay, so there was only about an hour or so to enjoy the sand. After everybody had their share of sand wrestling we went to order some fish and chips that we enjoyed in a picnic spot with a nice view of the city in the distance. We all had a bit of ball play after lunch and then us parents were quite exhausted. Kids were by no mean ready to rest though. Gosh this is when you start feeling old. Kids just keep on going like some bad Duracell joke! I so wish we will start having more of these days. We have had enough of snotty noses and coughing nights. Something tells me, warmer days and D vitamin is what we need. Hope you got plenty of both yourself!! Happy weekend everybody.

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