Thursday, September 13, 2012

Moment | Sun vs Rain

D wears: Jacket by Havoc Denim // Pants by Popupshop // Cap by Element // Shoes by Converse.

It was one of those days where you end up hating Melbourne today. By the time we finally got out of the house, the sun was still shining from a clear blue sky. Out we went in t-shirts and smiles. 10 minutes into our walk the sky had turned dark grey and heavy. Sure enough a few seconds later the whole sky opened up on us. Luckily I had the stroller rain protection with me but no umbrella for myself. I got soaking wet in 2 minutes. And I don't mean a tad bit wet I really mean soaking to the point where I could wring my hair! Typical. I had heaps of errands to run so no time for cursing the sky. Finally got everything done with a happy and dry boy in tow. The sun of course arrived as quickly as it had disappeared, all in typical Melbourne weather fashion. So we sat outside and had lunch together in the grass which was wonderful.

By the time we headed towards home again, another bout of heavy clouds were rolling in... sigh! It is amazing that after 5 years of living here I never seem to learn.. Always layer up, always bring an umbrella (even though it is sun and blue sky). Maybe next year huh?? There is always hoping..

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