Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Moments | 5 going on 6

M wears: Sweatshirt by Mini Rodini // Shorts by Popupshop // Leggings by Molo // Shoes by Native // Beanie by Vans. 

We have been rocking the lazy days and it has been great to see the kids enjoying their grandparents to the fullest. Here are some photos from one of those days. The sun has come out to greet us every now and then but still hasn't decided if it would like to give us some proper warmth so there is still need for some good sweatshirts and the odd occasional beanie to protect from hard sea breezes. The other night we watched some videos from when M was little and it was amazing to see how time has just passed in such a quick pace. Today M turned 6 and it is quite clear we got a big girl now. These are the moments when you almost wish you could press pause and just enjoy them at their current age a bit longer. But I guess she is still my little girl, who is stubborn, wise beyond her years and always carrying a fluffy toy with a funny name attached to it :)

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