Friday, September 28, 2012

Moments | Summer Day

M wears: Dress by Scotch R' Belle // Scarf by Cotton on Kids // Straw fedora hat by CTH Mini // Leggings by Hummel Kids // Shoes by Native. D wears: Tee by Mini & Maximus // Jeans by Cotton on Kids // Shoes by Converse // Cap by Element. 

We had an amazing summers day yesterday. Out of nowhere we got a day with 27 c and it was the first time you could actually wear t-shirt and dresses without looking a bit summer desperate! M got this beautiful dress as a birthday present yesterday ( we won it from I Dream Elephants a while back ). It fitted her so well. We picked a size 8 and my daughter is quite petite but since I find the sizes run a bit small with Scotch R' Belle it was a good choice.

We had a lovely day in the park where the kids played until their cheeks were red and it was time to get something to eat and drink. We had lunch outside and D was busy picking and collecting rocks in his tee pocket (he loves this tee especially for the pocket, and I have found everything from little toy cars, animals, shells, name it). Today the weather was back to 15c and rain, so it is nice to have these photos to look back on already! 


  1. Nice weather you've had!
    Here it's dark and raining... Sometimes I wish I could move whenever the weather gets awful. Like live in Australia during our winter time and get back here when snow starts to melt... ;)
    Happy weekend to you! :)

    1. Yes Sari, it was one day of that then it was rain rain rain and cold again! I guess our September is a bit like Scandinavia's April! So you get to use all your clothes in one month haha! Hope you had a lovely weekend too!!


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