Friday, February 10, 2012

Here Comes The Sun!

I received the Sunshine Award from kid fashionista blogger MrsAgatha. I absolutely love her blog where we get to follow her great fashion cues together with her little dude. Thank you for sending some sunshine our way (even though I can safely say we have a bit to spare at the moment).

When you receive the award you are asked to answer some questions and then pass along the award to 5 bloggers you think deserve some ray of sunshine too.

The Questions

Favorite Color: Oh tough one, I am getting better with color actually. I used to be a black/grey person when it came to clothes, but since moving to Australia I have become a bit braver with the colors again. I would say my favorite combo at the moment is, ocean green, black and yellow!

Favorite Animal: I recently saw a red panda up close and they are one awesome looking animal!

Favorite non-alcholic drink: Can I be boring and say coffee?? I do love a good cup of java!

Facebook or Twitter: I must be the only one on the planet that doesn't get twitter...too many words not enough photos.

Favorite number: Gosh I think I have left this one behind. No number comes to mind.

Favorite day of the week: It's a toss up between Friday evening and Saturday morning!

My Passions: Being creative in a lot of different areas. I get a buzz out of a lot of things - Photography, illustration, fashion, animation and a lot of different forms of design and art. I would love to get back into sculpting because I think it would be the thing I would actually be best at, but I still have to figure out how to invent an extra room in the house I can be really messy at.

Getting or giving presents: Both... happy to give happy to get!

Favorite pattern: ZigZag and stripes!!

Favorite flower: I love the grandeur of fresh cut lilies at home but I loved the beauty of seeing wood-anemone's in the Swedish forests in the Spring.
I give this award to the following blogs:
The Little List
The Junior
Rafa Kids

photos:by minor de:tales


  1. Thanks so much Annica! I've never received an award before! And you know I'm craving sunshine xxx

  2. Jenny,
    you so deserve a bit of sun and an award for that matter!! Looking forward to reading your answers..have a nice weekend!


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