Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fairtrade Footwear

Is another world possible? Veja believe it is and that's why they built their company around these three principles:

1. To use purely ecological inputs
2. To use fair trade cotton and latex
3. To respect worker's dignity

These guys feel that the era of good will and nice speeches is over and now is an era of action over intentions from which Veja has created a global chain that emphasizes solidarity and environment from the small producers in Brazil to the public.

Veja sneakers are made with organic cotton and natural latex sourced from Amazonia. The canvas used to make their sneakers is organic cotton which comes from a cooperative of small producers in the Northeast regions of Brazil where cotton and food crop is exploited without manure or pesticides. On top of this, they produce all trainer soles from wild latex produced by Amazonian Hevea trees. The Amazon Jungle is the only place on Earth where this tree grows in a totally wild state. Using this is a small step to preventing deforestation.

Above is the new collection of kids shoes from Veja. They are available at Smallable.

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