Friday, May 9, 2014

Moments | Sweet Sun

Boy wears: Hoodie by Munkstown / Longsleeve by Munsterkids / Leggings by Theif & Bandit / Shoes by Tip Toey Joey. Girl wears: Sweater by Bonds / Leggings by Bonds. Toddler girl wears: Hoodie by Paul & Paula / Leggings by Seed.

We had one of those magical, sunny Autumn days yesterday. The sun was warming everybody up and after a scooter ride we all ended up in the sand, by the beach. The kids were all happy to collect beautiful shells, rocks and just explore what was in front of them. The mums got a rare moment of sitting down and just relaxing in the sun. It hit me that this is the time I am the most happy, when the weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold just perfect and the kids are happy to just be. More of these days please! Happy Mother's Day out there this weekend! I hope you will be pampered and spoiled silly.

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