Saturday, May 3, 2014

Moments | Leap! Part 1

D wears: Hoodie by Frank & Lu / Tee by Quinn and Fox / Arizona Blue jeans by I Dig Denim / Hi-top Trainers by Tip Toey Joey.

We recently were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to test try the new Leap shoes in Tip Toey Joey's Junior range. We mentioned them earlier here, but we definitely wanted to put the shoes to the test, and luckily I know the perfect boy who would really do just that.  Living on the coast we often spend time close to the water and my boy loves to spend time jumping on the big rocks, checking out the sea life and ask endless questions about the big, black swans and boats that goes by every so often. On this particular day we also spotted a big squadron of Pelicans which are quite majestic when they glide by like giants in the sky. This truly seem to be the best playground for us, and definitely a favourite hang out, and a good place to test the trainers out.

I honestly think the Leap shoes are the perfect action shoes for my boy. Since they go up a bit above the ankle they give plenty of support which is great, especially if you got a jumper like my boy. They also come with a great tough sole, with plenty of traction underneath that even make the most slippery rock an easy task to navigate over. Personally I really love the vintage look but they are also available in a black colour version which is just as nice. It doesn't get much cuter than the toddler version which of course is also available (this is how we first got familiar with the shoe company since my boy loved wearing them as a young baby/toddler.)

When your children wear new shoes for the first time there is often a bit of "breaking in" period with the shoe, or even a few falls because they haven't adjusted to them yet, but with these it was almost opposite. My boy fished up palm tree branches, jumped between rocks and set new records in how long he could jump out in the sand, all while I didn't hear a single peep about any chafing or soar heels. D gave them a real going over, and even stepped in a few rock pools, but all that happened to the shoes is perhaps they got an even better vintage look! I can definitely say two thumbs up from both mum and boy and definitely something we can recommend for both active boys and girls.

We had such a good afternoon by the bay that the camera worked on overdrive. I would like to share some more photos so tune in tomorrow for part 2!

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