Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moments | Leap! Part 2

D wears: Hoodie by Frank & Lu / Tee by Quinn and Fox / Jeans by I Dig Denim / Trainers by Tip Toey Joey.

Some more photos of our test run with the Leap trainers from Tip Toey Joey. D pretty much took the shoes through all forms of terrain - sand, rock, water and they seem to do well on all surfaces (well I wouldn't recommend water but what boys don't try a puddle if they see one?).

At the end of the day they got the thumbs up from the little guy who hardly wanted to take them off and only agreed to do so after I had given him permission to wear them at Kinder. So overall a really lovely shoe who gets extra point for comfort, support and good traction. Mum here gives it points for looks as well as how easy they are to put on, were as the boy thinks the L on the side who reminds him of a kangaroo foot is the coolest because he thinks he can jump higher in them ;)

Too see the earlier close up look of them go here, and to read where to find these shoes, either click on the shop source under the photos or visit the previous post for more info.

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