Monday, May 19, 2014

Moments | In the Wonderful Wild

M wears: Top by Scotch R'Belle / Pants by Scotch R'Belle / Moccasins by Minnetonka / Beanie by Sportsgirl. D wears: Trucker Jacket by Scotch Shrunk / Skate mummy longsleeve by Minti / Denims by Scotch Shrunk / Shoes 'Danube' by Tip Toey Joey.

The weekend brought some more nice moments and here are a bunch of them. The kids were lucky to test out a long time favourite label of ours, Scotch Shrunk (boys) and Scotch R'Belle (girls). The younger off shoot of popular adult, Amsterdam brand Scotch & Soda. This is a label that understands the wonderful world of details and let me tell you there are plenty on these lovely threads.

Cross stitching, detailed buttons, hidden prints, secret messages for the owners etc makes these clothes so much fun to own and wear. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into each garment and the quality is top notch. I will make sure to show you just how lovely the details are up close soon, so keep an eye out for that later this week. 

We had a nice weekend with exceptional warm weather for being so late in the Autumn season, so we decided to visit one of our favourite spots that not that many people know about. The wild fauna reserve. It's almost like a hidden gem in the middle of suburbia.  Here you can find great logs to climb, wonderful leaves to explore and an abundance of hidden paths that seem to lead to new exciting spots.  We came home with some new nature buddies, Mr. Pine cone and few new garden rocks, luckily a tree lizard was too quick to accompany us home (sigh of relief to the parents). 

I hope you all had nice weekend out there too. When Monday comes around the corner I always feel like it went way too fast. I am sure I am not alone feeling that way. Here's to a good start of the week and more lovely moments to share soon.

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