Monday, May 12, 2014

Moments | After The Rain

M wears: Jacket by Witchery / Denim leggings by Country Road / Longsleeve by Missie Munster / Beanie by CTH Mini / Gumboots by Gardner and the Gang. D wears: Parka by Mini Rodini / Longsleeve by I Dig Denim / Newark denim by I Dig Denim / Gumboots by Hummel / Beanie by Zoo York.

Comes the sun again. A cold Saturday started out with a lot of rain and wind, but as the afternoon came closer we decided to head out and hope for the best. We were in luck because just as we parked the car the rain stopped and the sun came out to offer us a wonderful afternoon. The thick outerwear almost came off as the sun grew stronger, and it was almost magical to watch the high tide become like a big mirror in the bay. The kids had fun wading in the shallow water and look for shrimps and sea shells while the big people warmed up with a coffee on the beach. To all of you who celebrated Mothers Day out there, I hope you had a wonderful day!


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    1. Tack Sofia! Läser ofta din blogg och får en massa inspiration :)


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