Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let's Wear | Zirimola's sunshine Outfits

The mornings are getting very cold here, (or so it seems at 7am when you have to get out of the soft warm bed). Then there is nothing better than looking at nice summer wear for kids, instantly you think of sun kissed little bodies, laughter at the beach and melting ice creams in the sun. I had the pleasure of picking out a few summer outfits from Zirimola's lovely selection. Here are some of my favourites for both baby, boy and girl.

1. Sun dress by Bobo Choses / 2. Sunglasses by Mini Rodini / 3. Fringed Tee by Petitbo / 4. Baggy pants by Petitbo / 5. Tank top by Beau LOves / 6. Wow tee by Bobo Choses / 7. Tank top by Bobo Choses / 8. Baby leggings by Bobo Choses / 9. Baggy shorts by Le Toit De La Lune/ 10. Crosses shorts by Bobo Choses

Happy Summer Days!


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