Friday, June 14, 2013

New In | Sale @ Orange Mayonnaise

A package arrived from our sale shopping at Orange Mayonnaise the other day... I always become like a giddy child when I receive something from this shop. Annika the owner of Orange Mayonnaise wraps the best looking parcels and it is such a treat to open up your shopping. The trademark orange parcel is enough to get me excited, then you have to go through a lovely orange bow and several layers of thin crinkly paper.

Right now they are having a BIG SALE, and this is what we couldn't resist from it:

Hoodie from American Outfitters 49,90 | v.a. € 34,93 / Flamingo dress from Mini Rodini 44,00 | v.a. € 35,20 / Norman Tee from Soft Gallery 47,50 | v.a. € 38,00 / Joe Cardigan from Kidscase 65,00 | v.a. € 45,50 / Hoodie from Soft Gallery (sold out).



  1. AHHHH, LOVE IT! Need that dress, AND that cardigan, oh and that tee too. This post was dangerous :-o

    1. Hi Nadja,
      sorry about the dangerous post ;) It is a great sale though and felt like I had to share my bargains.


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