Friday, June 28, 2013

Brand Watch | New Generals SS14

"Down with the celebrities craze and obsession with the stars”, proclaimed New Generals. Everyone is a star and everyone is special. With the brand’s SS14 collection we celebrate the STAR in everyone." 

A sneak peek at what comes around the corner in Danish fashion forward label New Generals SS14 collection. At first hand the collection appears to have simple cuts and silhouettes but when you look closely you’ll find unusual details with crisp graphics. The color palette is restrained but at the same time is alive with contrast between crisp whites and subtle sub variations, lively cerise, intense petroleum blue and of course lots of black – a NEW GENERALS trademark.

New for the season are also the sneakers which comes in a variety of different colours and patters, all which compliments the New General outfits. For more info and online shopping opportunities visit:


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