Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moments | Sunday Stroll

M wears: Jacket by Molo / Sweatshirt by Bobo Choses / Skirt by H&M / Stockings by Katvig / Shoes by Vivo Barefoot / Beanie by Sportsgirl. D wears: Hoodie by Mini & Maximus / Tee by Mini & Maximus / Jacket by Mini Rodini / Pants by Mini & Maximus / Shoes by Feiyue / Beanie by Vans.

It's been a couple of cold and rainy days this week. It's up and down, rain and sun and after two weeks of constant family colds, we were lucky to get out and soak up the rare winter sun today. It is amazing what a bit of sun can do to the mood when you have been bogged down with snotty noses, soar throats and all the boring stuff that comes with winter colds. We will hope that today's sun treat will continue a bit more next week and that we all can enjoy the outdoors a bit more soon.


  1. Again cool pics. :)
    And love those MIMA-pants! But I've been wondering how to keep them clean? There's no way I could buy my little dude white pants, they wouldn't be white that long... :D

    1. Hi Sari... thank you! They are some seriously cool pants I agree. Well luckily they have so many prints on them it doesn't seem to matter if there is a stain or two on them. I had a few knee dives on the grass etc, but the cool faces distracts from them and the stains seem to come off in the wash :)


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