Friday, June 7, 2013

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D wears: Jeans jacket by Gap / Longsleeve by Pölka / Track pants by Country Road / Shoes by Feiyue / Cap by CTH Mini / Tote bag by Munsterkids / Sunnies by Fred Bare.

We are set for weekend, a long weekend at that! We have Monday off since it is a public holiday and to that we say, hallelujah! We have doubled our fruit consumption these past few weeks and it has actually really helped with getting over colds and sniffles we have had lately. I think it is time to find a good organic green grocery place that delivers to the door because the way we have been attacking the fruit and veggie basket lately I will get a crooked back from carrying home the heavy fruit bags! Here are a few photos of my Friday companion... always keeps me on my toes this one. We even had a chance to break out the sunnies today! Oh you lovely sun.

Enjoy your Friday out there and have a lovely weekend too!

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