Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New In | Leap by Tip Toey Joey

The first time I saw these sneakers I literately did a double take. Ever since my boy was a tiny toddler I had one pair of favourite shoes for him. They were tiny, soft sneakers by Tip Toey Joey, the Australian/Brazilian shoe company (created by an Australian Dad and Brazilian Mum). They were so perfect for his little exploring feet and the best thing for me was that they were so easy to put on and looked deliciously cool as well.

After my boy had grown out of his sneakers I thought that was the end of that lovely shoe era but guess if I was happy to discover that they also have a Junior Range, catering for kids from size 29 - 36 (european) 12 - 4 1/2 (US).  

The Junior range has the same soft quality as their Baby and Toddler shoes with a big focus on comfort and fit but they are also made to last with sturdy soles and neat features.

These high top vintage trainers entitled Leap, are made of a mix of graphite nylon with toffee and old tan leather. It has a worn, distressed look which gives them a great touch. The inner is cushioned and leather lined for comfort. The full 100% rubber sole provides the flexibility needed while protecting active little feet. The Elasticised laces also come with the option of normals laces and the velcro closure helps keep shoes on. These are a perfect shoe to add a bit of spunk to an outfit, while looking after growing feet.  

I can't wait to capture these in action and knowing my boy they will be through a lot! I will be back with a review of these trainers after they have seen some adventures on my sons feet! If you are looking for Australian retailers, please visit their Australian/NZ facebook page for more info on where you can find their Autumn/Winter line for purchase.


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