Friday, April 18, 2014

Moments | Bowl Days

M wears: Cardigan by Next / Tee by Bonton / Pants by Sudo / Shoes by molo. D wears: Hoodie by Nununu / Tee by Cheap Monday / Pants by molo / Shoes by 10IS.

We have hanged a lot at the skate park this school break. Both kids seems to be thrilled to go and either bring their scooter or skateboard. D has used his scooter so much that his back wheel has gone flat from all the skidding. I think its time to update his 3 wheeler Micro to a 2 wheel scooter like his big sister. There seem to be no problem with balance any more so perhaps when his birthday is coming up there will be a visit to the scooter shop.

I can see how much fun they have in the bowls and on the slopes so even mum here had to try and give it a go. It's heaps of fun and even though driving down the steep slope into the bowl certainly put some adrenaline into the bloodstream I can see how infectious the thrill feeling is.

We are signing off for a few days, its time to enjoy the time away from the computer and I hope you all have a great Easter out there and enjoy the outdoors and eat a few chocolate eggs while you are at it!

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