Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Moments | School's Out

D wears: Longsleeve by munsterkids / Jeans by I Dig Denim. M wears: Feather Top by Baobab / Denim skirt by Baobab / Shoes by molo

Yep, school's out, and the everyday routines are out the window for about 2 weeks. We started the weekend with trying out a new toy that D had saved up for (big sis got a loom band kit for the holiday and little brother picked a plane). We went for a bit of a drive and finally found a big, long and not very occupied beach that was a perfect setting for trying out the new plane. The excitement was big as the plane was thrown for the first time. The little propeller swirled around and the light plane took off and flew for about 10 m. Big jumps of happiness and then more of the same for about an hour!

Its fun to see how little it takes for kids to enjoy themselves, and a toy plane isn't even necessary. If there was no plane then they would climb rocks (which they did anyway) build sandcastles and find all sorts of ways of getting to wade into the water... It was the perfect start to the holidays and a great way to end the weekend. 


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    1. Thank you! Think at the moment we might have similar weather? The only time when two seasons seem to meet on two different places on the globe :)

    2. I think so too. It's barely 10 degrees here, but we are hoping for warmer times. :)


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