Friday, April 11, 2014

Moments | A Week Of Rain

M wears: Sweat by Nico Nico / Pants by Missie Munster / Beanie by Sportsgirl / Gumboots by Gardner & the Gang. D wears: Hoodie by Geggamoja / Pants by Rockefella / Gumboots by Gardner & the Gang.

The headline pretty much sums up the week. We had one warm and rather sunny day on Monday and the rest has been a non stop rain experience.  But with the school holidays in full swing you can't do much else but to brave the bad weather and find what fun you can. So far we have hit the cinema, visit the city, had numerous cosy cafe visits with friends, created a wild amount of loom band bracelets, had a serious day of puddle jumping.. and the list goes on. Even though we have been quite wet there has also been a few beautiful moments in there, like this day when wet clothes wasn't a problem and the biggest challenge was just finding some good deep puddles to jump in. Raindrops can be pretty sweet as well. Have a wonderful weekend out there!


  1. So amazing pictures again! You have so beautiful children!

    1. Hi Sini,
      thank you so much! Have a lovely weekend ♥


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