Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We stocked up on some more basics recently. A while back we purchased some leggings by Swedish label, Skandinavian Raw SKRW and both my kids have loved them. Even though two kids have put them through the rough they still manage to look great but it made me think it was time to get some new ones. We got the baggy leggings with the beautiful butterfly print for the girl and a pair of nice stripey ones for the boy. I have also been curious to try out their nice thick Sweat, so one of those had to come along too. I like how the leggings have the narrow leg and a generous fit for the crouch. It gives them a lot of room for movement but they are not stumbling on fabric around their feet. I also like that it gives room for growth since the narrow leg is easy to fold up, so you can go a size above your child's age.

I am also weak for details and these have a few nice ones, like the thumb holes in the sweat, with extra long hems for the arms and the raglan cut. I also like the discreet tag on the leggings up on the back. It always feels nice to shop some nice basic garments with some proper quality, so I am sure I will head back for more soon...


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