Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Moments | Xmas Day

So Santa finally came to this house as well, and the was no end to the joy!! The old trusty camera had to be in to capture some of all that crazy happiness, and here are just a few snaps of some of the loved presents that Santa brought. I love how the house goes quiet after all the unwrapping has been done, and you got a whole day of just kids playing with their new things. This year we decided to just do exactly what we wanted, eat what we wanted (without traditional musts) so we ended up cooking this lovely herbed chicken roast, with baked vegetables and red currents. And ended off with a cookies and cream venetian ice cream cake. We were so stuffed after that!!

The whole family bunched together in the couch and watched Peter & The Wolf  and Home Alone... it was a lovely day full of happy kids, content adults relaxing and building toy sets, sipping on nice drinks and eating lovely food. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas out there too!! Today we are off to the beach... one of the funny perks of spending Christmas Down Under.

The lovely make it yourself banner and stacking dolls c/o Minibots!

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