Thursday, December 4, 2014

Moments | Summer Stories

D wears: This Is How I Roll tee by Munsterkids / Jag Team Pants by Munsterkids / Paintball boardies by Munsterkids / High Stack Cap by Munsterkids.

While the weatherman promised rain today, Melbourne seemed to have other plans on the agenda. This is a good time to have a spare of boardies in your bag in case it turns sunny and a chance to have a dip in the blue appears. We met up with some friends and spent the afternoon on the beach and the spare boardies came to good use! December always seem to be such a crazy month but there is nothing better than a trip to the sea to forget all the 'musts and things to do' - there its all about being in the moment and a chance to enjoy the sun for a while.


  1. I really love your lifestyle photos and these munster kids clothes are so cool!!! I have really discovered them through your blog and my son loves it. Thank you for the inspiration for his wardrobe :-)

    1. Hi Ellenore - big thanks, nice to know you have found a new label to love. Munsterkids is one of our very favourites and its great to hear your son loves it too. Have a wonderful day!


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