Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Enter the Magical world of Tutu du Monde

If you could tap into the magical world of fairies, THIS is pretty much how it would look like. Gorgeous creations in high quality fabrics with an amazing vintage feel to every piece. A world of make-believe where pretty princesses and fabulous fairies can roam free. Here little girls can dress up and loose themselves in another place and time. Above all it is a world of fun and it is easy to see why the pieces are so timeless and would be a great thing to save for the next generation of faries/princesses to come.

Here are a few of our favourites from the current selection at Buckets and Spades:
1. Dove Headband / 2. Little Urchin Tutu / 3. Birds Nest Tutu / 4. Jewel at the Sea Feather headband / 5. Serenity tutu dress / 6. Dainty Darling dress / 7. Enchanted Butterfly hairclip / 8. Songbird headband / 9. Dazzling Beauty Top / 10. Diamonds and Perls tutu / 11. Whisper tutu skirt / 12. Crystal Cape.

The designer of Tutu du Monde, Andrea Rembeck describes her inspiration process like this...

"I draw inspiration from the delicate and the divine. I can often be found scouring vintage stores and markets for exquisitely crafted pieces that stimulate the senses for colour and embellishments.

Naturally with children's clothing it is incredibly important to keep comfort in mind. By using beautifully soft materials, our pieces are not only safe to wear but divinely comfortable all day long. We avoid complicated structures and irritating details like zips. Instead focusing on simple timeless designs, breathable, lightweight fabrics, luxurious silks and materials with stretch

I love the fact that each tutu comes with adjustable straps for growing princesses which means the tutus are long wearing and can be enjoyed for years to come. 

Australian shop Buckets and Spades have a great selection of Tutu du Monde and wonderful in store staff that can help you find your girls favourite dress and size. Please visit their website for more information on this label. 


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