Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Moments | Change

D wears: Denim tee by H&M / Stash shorts by Minti / Cap by Vans / Shoes by Puma.

This is one of our favourite spots. You got a great view over the Melbourne skyline and you can spot any activity on the ocean from here. We decided to head here after my boy finished his last orientation day at school. Today he found out his new class, his new classmates and his new teacher for next year. It's a milestone really but he is taking it in his own pace. It is starting to dawn on me that he is going off to big school soon. All of a sudden the seemingly long summer holiday doesn't seem too long any more. Why couldn't it be a few weeks longer? And then I realize, I just want the little guy around a little bit longer. My beach pal, my little dude who seem to like wheels as much as I do. Well, he is not so little anymore so I better squeeze out all the good days I can between now and the end of January.

I love this time when summer is still in it's beginning phase and you have so many good, warm days ahead of us. I can't wait until school finishes and we can go off on mutual adventures again. And this time I will remind myself to enjoy every last minute of them!

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