Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Moments | Monash Gallery of Art

This weekend offered a quick look back into autumn/winter and there was no warm weather at all. Instead the arctic pushed cold winds and rain our way, but none the less we decided to head towards the mountain and a chance to check out Monash Gallery of Art. We have always driven past this place and never visited, but today we thought it was a good idea to stop and go in. There was a art event going on, so the kids instantly scored some hot dogs and checked out some rare, vintage Jaguar cars, which of course D was immensely interested in (and thought his Dad should buy... yeah right). 

When the rain started to drizzle we went inside and checked out some of the free photography exhibitions. There were a few workshops going on so it was a bit hard to see all the areas but it was nice to escape from the heavy rain drops. When the weather cleared the kids explored the outdoors again. It is a really lovely place up here. It felt like we had stepped into a piece of serenity with gorgeous architecture (there were several homes around the lake) and beautiful nature all around. In the center of it all was a wonderful little lake, with ducks and lily pads. That in itself was enough to keep the kids entertained for another hour while we had a chance to grab a coffee and sit on a nearby bench and take in the magnificent view.

Not the warmest of weekends but a great chance to escape the sand of the beach and venture into other fun surroundings.

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