Thursday, February 7, 2013

T for Thursday!

D wears: Tee by Mini & Maximus // Denim shorts by Cotton on Kids // Shoes by Converse // Shoe wings by Electric Boy // Hoodie by Cotton on Kids // Boardshorts by Katvig // Sunnies by Fred Bare.

It's Thursday and that means 1 on 1 time with my little dude. I love these days. I know they are so precious because you have time to just talk about EVERYTHING without any interruptions or sibling fights or things that have to be done. At least until 3pm when it's pick up time at school and big sister gets back into the equation. Today we were greeted by a big sun so we agreed it was time to go down where the water is blue and the sky is even bluer (is that even a word?!). The wind was pretty hard so it was easy to forget that the sun was pretty fierce. After a bit of exploring we hit the beach for a cool down. D was excited because he found a washed up toy boat he got to play with (then all the beach toys we brought down was practically unnecessary. New is always the best even if it is old!).

We are definitely starting swim school this year. D loves the water and he is venturing in deeper and deeper so it is time to get him confident around water. Well he got the confident part down, I just want him to be able to know how to get himself out of trouble if he gets dunked by a wave or two! He will love it I am sure... Hope you all had a lovely Thursday out there too.


  1. GORGEOUS photos! So jealous of your warm weather, we got dreary, grey weather were I am at. Love his t-shirt wish I had one for myself actually.

    1. Nadja - Thank you. We had a great day. Although now I realize I should have worn more sunscreen! The tee is great... I wish I had one too!!!


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