Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Basics

It is almost comical to look at these photos today since it is a whopping 37C today and warm basic is no where close to be needed, but when these very hot days comes around I think I am one step closer to wishing for some cooler weather. I know as soon as I have even thought that thought I regret it, but sometimes you just need to go there to realize that you love all seasons of the year. I could never live in a place with only 1 season. I love the warm weather and sunny days at the beach but there is something magical about a crisp day with blue sky and saltwater air coming in from the sea too. Above is some good examples what my kids love to wear the most. We always try to get these items when the colder weater sets in.

Beanies - I got a thing for beanies and so has my kids, mostly my son who keep insisting to wear one even though it can be warm outside. But a couple of good beanies is a great investment over the winter season and can complete any neat outfit. We try to get a couple of thin ones and a thick one for those extra cold days.

Zip up sweaters - are great! Easy to put on, easy to take off. Definitely something we got a lot of in the wardrobe and they always get used.

Baggy pants / Trackies
- My boy loves them. My girl not too much. There is nothing that gets my little guy moving better than a pair of roomy pants and if you team it with some snug top it is the cutest look. On the other hand it is a preference, my girl liked them and then went over to the tight/leggings side because she thought they felt funny, so it's totally up to the kids what they prefer.

Gumboots - We try to invest in a pair of good ones, because we use them A LOT! When Autumn and Winter comes around we like to go out and with living in Melbourne there is a lot of rain to go out in. Well made gumboots will last for a long time and if you get a gender neutral colour you can be sure to pass them down to the younger siblings.

Denims - my kids live in them in the colder months. Just like the gumboots if you pick some quality ones they will last. I have gotten so many denims that either loose their size-able waist buttons or waist buttons or simply wear out too quickly. We normally try to get jeans by either Munster kids / I Dig Denim or Mini Rodini since they are the three labels that seem to last the longest for us. Again on the plus side is that little brother can take those jeans over from his big sister and that way the extra money you spend on them will be worth it in the end.

Knitted Sweaters - You can't go wrong with a warm sweater. FUB makes some amazing knits that seem to last season after season, no matter how many times you wash them. When the winds are cold we team them up with a thin thermal top underneath and then the kids are ready to play on those windy beaches.

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