Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nappa Black | 10IS

Since we are doing a Boys Week over here, I thought I would recommend these shoes by 10IS. We got them a while back and they have been so great. Made from vintage leather, they are not only durable but also surprisingly soft! Several parents have asked me where you can get them because they have also turned out to be perfect school shoes. In countries where you require school uniforms, these shoes are perfect to go with the uniforms and with a comfortable sole support it is also perfect for a long day in school.

Now my boy is nowhere near school ready but we will definitely try and get hold of a new pair for when that happens.

For more info on 10IS and where to find these shoes visit
:: 10IS Classic Tennis ::


  1. HI there, I've been trying to track these down for my little guy - I'm in New Zealand. Can you let me know where you got them from?
    Thanks SOOO much!
    Tracey :-)

    1. Hi Tracey! I will get in contact with the shoe label and see what info I can get for you :) just send me your email info to and I will get back to you with what I find out...

    2. Hi again Tracey, just hoping you will look back here but since I didn't hear back from you via email I will write it here...
      You can find these shoes online here:
      It is part of their previous season so this might be the only place online you can buy them now. Hope that helps!


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