Thursday, February 7, 2013

Splurge vs Steal

I am sure I am not alone out there... I am actually happy if half of my son's clothes comes back home after kinder. I try to put his name into the back of the label tag if I can but honestly sometimes I just forget and then the clothes just never seem to come back. I can't get upset with his teachers because I can only imagine how it would be with a room full of 3 year old's who throws off their clothes like it would be some sort of nudist beach conference every day. So instead of getting upset I try to send him to kinder in clothes that both me and my wallet wouldn't be too sad if we didn't receive back or would get full of paint at some point.

I try to find some great bargain pieces that still look good and have plenty going for them in the style department. Here is an outfit that is easy on the eye, but light on the wallet. (Most items is from Cotton On Kids which is Australia's version of H&M I guess ). Never bought anything from the store that sells the jacket but had to include it for its affordable price and great looks.

1. Ramones Tee by Cotton On Kids // 2. Slouch beanie by Cotton On Kids // 3. Skinny jeans by Cotton On Kids // 4. Winter parka by Ali Express // 5. Gumboots by Cotton On Kids // 6. Boxer shorts by Cotton On Kids.

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