Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Should We Do?

Is a question that I have heard a lot this holiday (in Australia the kids have 2 weeks off for every term which is normally around 3 months). This holiday we didn't go anywhere particular and then it is good to have lots of nice ideas to keep the little ones occupied. Today we went on a treasure hunt. My daughter drew a pirate map, and I went outside and hid the, well in this case the gold were some organic lollypops! Super simple idea but kept the kids entertained for at least 40 minutes.

We also collected some nice white rocks, that we will turn into rock animals. We will paint them and then glue eyes on them. Both my kids will enjoy this and it is easy to clean up as well. Two simple ideas that sure has made this otherwise rainy day a bit more interesting and full of smiles. Below are some photos from today's treasure hunt. The school bag is from Bobo Choses, a lucky giveaway prize from Mash N Gravy!

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