Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Thought I would share a local Australian brand that I really like and that both of my kids like to hang around in. I first came across Oishi-m on one of the many creative markets that we have over here in Australia. I loved their jeans that cleverly seem to grow with your baby or toddler. We have also stocked up on their lovely tees and long sleeves which are so unique and lovely to wear.

Here is the story of Oishi-m.

Uninspired and frustrated with the stock-standard frilly pinks and baby blues found on the High Street, Oishi-m [Oy-shee-em] was born from a passion to create a fashion-forward clothing line for infants and toddlers. Having become a mother herself, creative mastermind, fabric fiend and founder Fiona McPherson, saw the opportunity to combine her love of bespoke/hand made clothing with the fact that she had recently given birth to her yummy little daughter.

Oishi-m was the result, Oishi = yummy in Japanese and M = for the mini one in your life.

Based on her own mix-and-match style and a love for casual wear that can be dressed up or down, she started making her little munchkin's clothes using kimono, vintage and retro fabrics mixed in with her much loved denim. The clothes were designed to make her little one look and feel amazing, and to last through the never-ending growth spurts...

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