Friday, September 9, 2011

Café Life - CERES (Melbourne)

Cafe life is big in Melbourne. Very big, but sometimes it is hard to find those good cafes where you can kick back and relax with the kids, so I thought I would try and list my favorite cafes from time to time. Some in Australia and some in Europe and maybe even a couple of my favorite internationals as well. Let's start shall we?

(Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies – pronounced ‘series’) Community Environment Park is a sustainable eco-centre and farm community on the banks of Merri Creek in Brunswick East and it is a treat for families, indeed anybody, who is hoping to escape the relentless rush of the city for a little while.

There are a number of cafes here – including a small makeshift cafe operating out of the organic fruit and vege market (open on Wednesdays and Saturdays) offering good coffee and a selection of yummy cakes – usually to the accompaniment of a folk band and lots of little munchkins running around! The main café is a more sophisticated affair, encompassing a large sprawling wooden complex with a timber veranda overlooking the courtyard and the communal dwelling areas. It has to be said that it’s hard to get a bad seat here – every seat has an interesting view, surrounded by happy activity, no matter where you sit.

The food is good in an ‘all-day breakfast menu’ kind of way. There’s also a number of daily specials, and most items are made in-house using excellent produce. The coffee is good too, with both spaces serving Supreme’s Organic FairTrade Blend which, correct me if I am wrong, has a strong Columbian base which makes for good caramel/nutty and biscuity flavours. Artisan coffee it is not, but it is still consistently well-made by passionate staff and I’m yet to have a dud coffee here. Plans are underfoot for a new conference centre and a sustainable restaurant, but most folks just come for coffee and conversation, while the kids happily entertain themselves on the onsite playground!

Now this is our kind of place, will definitely head on over there this weekend!!


  1. yay

    this is where we often hang out on wednesdays, let me know when you guys will come over and we will join you :-)

    x emma

  2. Perfect... we would love to come and hang with you there! Give you a bell shell next week!


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