Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bea Åkerlund

I don't think that anybody have missed that the collection (Rebel With A Cause) that B.Åkerlund collaborated with Mini Rodini is now out and available for purchase. You can read an interesting interview with Bea and her new
collection right here. (in Swedish)


  1. Lot's of people hated these when I wrote about them... I still like them, I bought the devil hoodie and the cap that looks like Batman-hat actually! :D

  2. Har faktiskt inte köpt något från kollektionen. Har du?

  3. Sari, I missed the fact that they had a bit of Halloween theme to them, but I have to say I wasn't too keen on buying any of them. I have seen the devil hoodie before on other brands, and I missed more prints on the garments. I DO like that they are doing collaborations though, there are so many exciting things coming out of that these days so all the more power to it!

    Nina - Näpp har inte blivit något köp här heller!


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