Thursday, August 25, 2011


Australian Witchery Kids have only been around for a couple of seasons, but I think they have grown for each and every collection. This time around they have gone and delivered some really nice basic clothes with a twist. These are my favorites from this seasons Spring 11 collection.

  1. Asymmetric Placket Hoodie $44.95
  2. Star Tank $29.95
  3. Stripe Scarf $19.95
  4. Striped Anorak $79.95
  5. Garment Dyed Zip Hoodie With Applique $49.95


  1. Love this brand, thanks for sharing! =)

    And love that Mini Rodini collection you showed earlier! And also Sienna Loves Kai is my favourites! (Lots of love today ;D)

  2. Hi Sari,

    have you heard of Witchery Kids before?? Don't think I would hear of it unless I was based in Australia. It is a local chain, that have recently started, but like I said they are really doing some nice collections now with high quality.

    I am eagerly waiting for that Rebel collection, could be a fun collaboration!

    Yes I heard about SLK from your website I think.. seems like a really nice shop and owners :)

  3. I mean Witchery Kids have recently started... not Witchery, that has apparently been around for ages ;)

  4. Annica: No, I haven't heard of Witchery Kids (or Witchery at all) before. So great that you shared it! :D
    Do you know if they sell it in some Australian web stores that also deliver to Europe?

  5. Hmm... I can look into it. I got a Witchery store 10 min from my home so I can ask :)


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