Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Few Questions to: Sienna loves Kai

I recently had the opportunity to ask Krystle Lana the owner of Sienna Loves Kai, a childrens boutique for fashion forward kids, a couple of questions... I hope you enjoy reading her answers just as much as I did...

Can you tell us a little about Sienna loves Kai? What is your inspiration, and where did the name come from?

Sienna Love Kai was established in 2010 by myself and my partner Ben, we have always had a strong connection with fashion with myself coming from a buying and manufacturing background and Ben with over 10years experience in retail and merchandising it felt only natural to start our own business. It was not until our children Kai and Sienna (hence the name) were born that we put our plans in to action! We always struggled in finding clothes that reflected our kids free spirit and playful personalities. We found ourselves ordering from a different international sites just to get the brands we were looking for. We decided that now was the time to start SLK. The inspiration behind SLK started with our love for Scandinavian brands such as Mini Rodini, Popupshop and Acne, which has developed to the rest of Europe

I love all the brands you stock at SLK, how do you go about choosing what to stock? Is there anything that is particular important to you when you choose, and do you have a favorite brand yourself?

We love all our brands too! Each season we commit ourselves in buying a collection based on quality, innovation, value and fun. Buying for me is the best part of my job, I love the anticipation of opening a lookbook or attending a showroom to view new season. This is the feeling I want give all my customers and I hope this is achieve in my selection. Its so hard to choose a favourite, each brand is our favourite for different reasons! Mini Rodini for its innovation, Kidcase for quality and Bobo Choses for its freshness and simplicity. I could go on forever!

Sienna loves Kai has recently opened up it's doors as a shop in London, what are the biggest challenges and rewards with a physical shop as to running an online shop?

At SLK our team is passionate, strong and customer focused, we strive to provide an exhilarating and exceptional shopping experience for each and every customers whether on-line or in store. I wouldn't say there is much difference between on-line and our shop in London apart from the geographical aspect. We love our on-line shop because we can reach out to our customers from South Korea, Australia and USA all in one day. Although we don't personal delivery to our international customers we like to think the service we provide will bring them back to shop with us again. As we are a small business and are very approachable we have even gained new friendships from our customers and often engage in conversation that don't include SLK.

We are fast approaching a new season and new collections, can you share some of your favorite new items coming in at SLK this fall?? Any new brands arriving on the shelves?

For me the key must have pieces are;

  • Bobo Choses Cape
  • Peacock oversize tee
  • Mini Rodini Bonjour jumper, arriving in October (see pic)
  • Kidscase Red Knitted Bob baby dress arriving friday (pic of Sienna trying it out)

    We also have new brands Popupshop,
    Scotch Rebelle, Dinosole and Scotch Shrunk coming soon.

    Visit Sienna Loves Kai online or at 440 Garratt Lane, London, SW18 4HN, England.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOOVE Sienna loves Kai. Thank you for the sale code, will do some shopping next week for sure!!

  2. Bonjour-tröjan står på inköpslistan här, så fin!

  3. Nina.. Visst är den! Tror det blir ett inköp här med. Trevlig helg på er!


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