Tuesday, August 30, 2011

City Life...

Went into the city first thing this morning... had coffee & breakfast in a cozy lane, watching people starting their lives, getting on with their routines. No little people today, just a lot of hours enjoying, views, sights and sounds of Melbourne City... LOVE.


  1. Melbourne looks like my kind of city! =)

    Your lil' boy looks adorable in the post below!

  2. Hi Sari,

    Melbourne is a really nice city. It is the culture capitol of Australia, or at least that is how it feels like. Everybody has such a fun personal style and the town is packed with fun things to do, for all ages. I always enjoy a few hours there, soaking up the atmosphere...

    Thanks.. he is such a little mad professor at the moment, doing funny crazy things. Yesterday he decided that a red kids chair was his new best friend. He took it with him where ever he went..well inside that is. Even watched a movie in the couch with it next to him.. hilarious.


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